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Microbes and oceanic sulfate, a sulfurous story

Author: Laetitia Guibourdenche (IPGP, Paris) « I was engaged a few years ago in a course of experiments on hydrogen gas, which was procured in the usual method, by the solution of iron turnings in diluted sulphuric acid. The sulphate of iron hence resulting, (…) remained undisturbed, and unnoticed for about a twelve month. At the... Continue Reading →

On the whisky contribution to climate change study

Author: Laetitia Guibourdenche (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris) Winter 1957. Charcot Base. Adelia Land. Antarctica. 2400m above sea level. Charcot Base (1957). Arrival of Lorius’s Team. Source of all images: Claude Lorius, a young glaciologist and his colleagues, spent 10 months in the Charcot Base, trying to unravel the secrets of the... Continue Reading →

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